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Welcome to Kurt’s Historic Sites! Launched in July 2009, this website recounts my journeys throughout the United States of America to historic homes, museums, gravesites, and other attractions. Since my history-based travels began as a fourth grader in 2003, I have found myself scouring cemeteries for the graves of presidents and vice presidents, sitting in the seat Rosa Parks refused to move from prior to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and interviewing the detective handcuffed to accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. This is just a small selection of “hands-on history” adventures I have had the good fortune to experience.

The goal of Kurt’s Historic Sites is to share the photographs and videos of my endeavors, as well as impart information about the places I have seen and the people associated with them. Each individual’s page includes historical background from their lives, in addition to their interment location for the benefit of other intrepid grave hunters.

My focus primarily rests in presidential history, but, as is the case with more traditional research methods, “hands-on history” can apply to any area of historical interest. I encourage you to visit the sites and graves related to what captivates you. My hope is that your time perusing this website will sufficiently spark your own passion for “hands-on history.”


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