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    Everyone is passionate about something. For me, it is the U.S. presidency. That’s the way it’s been since
February 2002, when I was in the second grade. My mother purchased a president book from one of those
book orders teachers always give you in elementary school. Of course, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with
this book. I just wanted to play and have fun! Why did my mother buy this boring book anyway? But whether I
liked it or not, it seemed that I was going to have to read the book, as it was dropped into my reluctant hands.
After procrastinating a few days, I finally sat down with the book and delved into the horrors that I was sure
awaited me.

    Never in my entire life had I been more surprised than when I started reading that book, entitled So You Want to Be President by Judith St. George and David Small. I LOVED it!!!!! It had so many interesting facts that grasped me, like that the White House “has a swimming pool, bowling alley, and movie theater.” It talked about the presidents’ pesky siblings (something I have in common with our nation’s leaders). But what probably gripped me most of all was the hilarious illustrations: eight tiny tikes biting George Washington and pulling his hair, Quentin Roosevelt riding a horse inside the Executive Mansion, and my favorite: the rotund President Taft being lowered into a bath tub by a construction worker-operated crane! Turkey leg and champagne glass in hand of course!

    From then on, I realized that fun books didn’t have to be just about super heroes or comic strip characters, but they could be about the presidents as well! True, it was historian Richard Norton Smith and C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb who inspired me to visit every presidential tomb, but if my mother had not bought me that book, I never would have been interested in presidents in the first place. Why did my mother buy that book for me? I still don’t know to this day, but that’s not important. What is important is that she did buy it, and that it has sparked an interest in me that has lasted over eleven years. And for that, I love and thank her from the bottom of my heart.

    I am Kurt Alexander Deion, and I visit the graves of the presidents of the United States.

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