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Since I became fascinated by U.S. presidents in the second grade, I have read more books about them than I dare count. I love delving into the works of authors such as Doris Kearns Goodwin and David McCullough to find out as much as I can about America’s leaders. But my favorite way to learn by far is from “hands-on history”: exploring the country and visiting historic attractions.

In December 2003 at the age of nine, I made it my quest to pay my respects at the burial sites of every dead president. Along the way, I have visited many other historic sites, with presidential homes, state capitols, and vice president graves among them.

Kurt's Historic Sites chronicles the adventures I have had while pursuing "hands-on history." By looking through this website you can read about how I met former Presidents Clinton and Carter, my nighttime adventure at the Andrew Johnson National Cemetery, and how I beat newscaster Walter Cronkite to this own grave. Included with these and other features is a video of my interview with James Leavelle, who was stationed at Pearl Harbor during its bombing and was handcuffed to Lee Harvey Oswald when the assassin was murdered on live television.

Kurt's Historic Sites is also a learning tool for online visitors. What was the disturbing dream Abraham Lincoln had shortly before his assassination, and which vice president tried to form his own country? Explore this website to find the answers to these questions and learn other interesting facts about figures from U.S. history.


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