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When I was in the second grade in February 2002, my mother, for reasons unknown to me, purchased me the book So You Want to Be President?  I was instantly captivated by the paperback’s humorous illustrations and historical tidbits, and so began a lifelong fascination with presidential history.

Over the next year and a half, I read an array of books on my new-found passion and even managed to visit and explore a few of the chief executives’ homes and interment sites. Since they were right there, why wouldn’t I stop to pay my respects?

This passive cemetery tourism evolved in December 2003, when my father informed me of a National Press Club book talk he watched about Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb: A Tour of Presidential Gravesites. In part of the program, C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb and presidential historian Richard Norton Smith discussed their personal visits to every presidential burial site. Once I absorbed what my father relayed, I asked with childlike innocence if we could follow in Lamb and Smith’s footsteps.

And so, at age nine, I officially began my quest to visit the final resting place of every president, a mission which progressively expanded to include the tombs of vice presidents, signers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and other people of note

On April 19, 2012, at age seventeen, I completed the core portion of my goal by traveling to my thirty-eighth and last remaining presidential grave: Lyndon B. Johnson's. Less than two years later, by seeing Vice President Hubert Humphrey’s plot, I possibly became the lone person in the world to visit every U.S. presidential and vice presidential burial site, which at the time totaled sixty-six.

In 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, and in 2019 I earned a Master of Arts degree in the same discipline, specializing in public history. Since 2012 I have been a photo contributor and historical researcher for Roadside America's Roadside Presidents mobile app.

For a nominal fee, I am available for speaking engagements in the Southern New England region.

e-mail: kurt@kurtshistoricsites.com

Instagram: @kdgravehunter

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