Blocher family

One of my favorite graves of all-                                                               The statues that make up this
time is that of the Blocher family                                                               marble death scene took over
in Buffalo's Forest Lawn Cemetery.                                                            three years to sculpt.


A figure representing Nelson                                                     My return to Forrest Lawn Cemetery in
Blocher, for whom the monument                                              April of 2010.
was built. This sculpture of Blocher
reclining is directly over the
entryway to the burial vault
beneath the grave.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

    Although the Blocher family has not achieved great fame, their grave is so

magnificent that its tale must be told. John and Elizabeth Blocher (pronounced
bloker) belonged to a wealthy 19th century family that resided in New York. Their
son Nelson fell in love with the family's maid sometime during the 1800's
parents fell into despair knowing that their son wished to marry
someone in a
lower social class, and they concocted a scheme to separate the
pair. John and
Elizabeth sent their son on an extended vacation to Europe,
during which time
they fired the maid. Upon Nelson's return, his love was the
first thing that he
asked for. Realizing what had happened, Nelson sank into
depression and died
shortly afterward from what most believe to have been a
broken heart.

Distraught with the knowledge that they had inadvertently killed their only
child, the Blochers had a marvelous memorial constructed over their son's grave.
The roof of the monument itself weighs 120,000 pounds. Inside the monument
statues made of Italian marble represent each member of the Blocher family.

John and Elizabeth stand mourning over their son, who is reclined on a couch
with a book strewn across his lap. Were someone to need access to the burial
vault, this couch would slide aside and lead its visitor to the crypt below.
the most stunning statue is that of an elegant angel, who is perched over Nelson
Blocher and gazing down at him. Legend has it that the person who posed for the
sculpting of the angel was none other than his love, the maid.

My dad and I discovered the Blochers' grave after visiting President Fillmore's
several plots away. We were so captivated by its uniqueness that we took several
photographs, though none with me alongside the fantastic burial site. The two of
us were sure to correct that mistake when we re-visited Buffalo in 2010.

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