Bushrod Washington
Burial Location Visited SCOTUS Grave #
Mount Vernon, Virginia July 2003 1st Visited

My family and I visited George Washington's
famed estate, Mount Vernon, in 2003. The
first president is interred at the plantation,
along with many of his relatives. Among the
Washington kin that rest at Mount Vernon
is the president's nephew, Bushrod, who
served on the U.S. Supreme Court. The
picture above was from a later visit in 2015.

George Washington's sarcophagus
is shown behind me on the right,
and the entrance to the inner
tomb where Bushrod Washington
resides is in the shadows in the
upper left corner of this photo.

Washington was an associate justice from
1798 until he died in 1829. Today he is
interred in Mount Vernon's family tomb.
The president and Martha Washington rest
in sarcophagi in the antechamber, while
Bushrod and other kin are interred in
the inner tomb. The entrance to that
section is shown above, in the middle
behind the commemorative wreath.

The tomb is flanked by two stone
obelisks that serve as monuments
to Washington family members.
One of them details the judicial
career of Bushrod Washington,
whose faith guided his decisions.

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Spouse: Anna Blackburn Washington (m. 1784-1829)

Last Words: Unknown



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