Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
Burial Location Visited Constitution Signer Grave #
Charleston, South Carolina June 5, 2013 20th Visited

In June 2013 I traveled with my
grandparents to Charleston, South
Carolina as a delayed high school
graduated present. During the trip
we went to the graves of several
noteworthy people, including Charles
Cotesworth Pinckney, who signed
the U.S. Constitution. Fellow signer
John Rutledge is buried in the same

The statesman's similarly-named
cousin, Charles Pinckney, was also
a signatory of the Constitution. He
is interred a few blocks away.

*** Interesting Facts ***

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Spouse: Sarah Middleton Pinckney (m. 1773-1784)
              Mary Stead Pinckney (m. 1786-1812)

Last Words: Unknown



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