Charles Warren Fairbanks
Burial Location Visited Vice President Grave #
Indianapolis, Indiana August 20, 2004 7th Visited


Theodore Roosevelt's vice president                                           This is Fairbanks' headstone.
lies beside this grand marker in

As it states on this grave marker,
Mrs. Fairbanks served as the
president general of the Daughters
of the American Revolution from

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* The Fairbanks family had early roots in America. Spelled centuries ago as Fayerbankes, the vice president’s Puritan ancestors came over to America in 1632.

* Fairbanks attended Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. Eventually, he relocated to Cleveland to study law. It was in Cleveland that he was admitted to the Ohio bar.

* From 1897 until his term as vice president began in 1905, Charles Warren Fairbanks served as an United States Senator from Indiana.

* After two terms in office, President Roosevelt chose to endorse William Howard Taft for president in 1908 instead of his vice president. Feeling rejected, and knowing there was no chance for him to win the election, Vice President Fairbanks resumed practicing law. When Roosevelt decided to try to win back the presidency in 1912, Fairbanks decided to support Taft.

* In 1916, Fairbanks once again ran for vice president. This time, his running mate was Charles Hughes. President Wilson defeated Hughes by over twenty electoral points, and Fairbanks went back into seclusion one final time.

Second Lady: Cornelia Cole Fairbanks

      - Spouse: Cornelia Cole Fairbanks (1852-1913)

Political Party:
Republican Party

Served Under:
Theodore Roosevelt (1905-1909)

Last Words:

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