Signers of the U.S. Constitution
Delegate from... Name Burial Location Visited
Connecticut William S. Johnson Stratford, Connecticut 2011
Connecticut Roger Sherman New Haven, Connecticut 2011
Delaware Richard Bassett Wilmington, Delaware 2011
Delaware Gunning Bedford, Jr. Wilmington, Delaware 2018
Delaware Jacob Broom Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
Delaware John Dickinson Wilmington, Delaware 2011
Delaware George Read New Castle, Delaware 2011
Georgia Abraham Baldwin Washington, D.C. 2011
Georgia William Few Augusta, Georgia  
Maryland Daniel Carroll Forest Glen, Maryland 2011
Maryland Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Port Tobacco, Maryland* [1]
Maryland James McHenry Baltimore, Maryland 2011
Massachusetts Nathaniel Gorham Boston, Massachusetts 2016
Massachusetts Rufus King Queens, New York 2013
New Hampshire Nicholas Gilman Exeter, New Hampshire 2010
New Hampshire John Langdon Portsmouth, New Hampshire 2010
New Jersey David Brearley Trenton, New Jersey 2010
New Jersey Jonathan Dayton  Elizabeth, New Jersey* [2]  
New Jersey William Livingston Brooklyn, New York 2016
New Jersey William Paterson Menands, New York 2010
New York Alexander Hamilton New York, New York 2004
North Carolina William Blount Knoxville, Tennessee  
North Carolina Richard D. Spaight New Bern, North Carolina  
North Carolina Hugh Williamson New York, New York 2011
Pennsylvania George Clymer Trenton, New Jersey 2010
Pennsylvania Thomas Fitzsimons Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Benjamin Franklin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2007
Pennsylvania Jared Ingersoll Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania Thomas Mifflin Lancaster, Pennsylvania 2010
Pennsylvania Gouverneur Morris Bronx, New York  
Pennsylvania Robert Morris Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
Pennsylvania James Wilson Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
South Carolina Pierce Butler Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
South Carolina Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Charleston, South Carolina 2013
South Carolina Charles Pinckney Charleston, South Carolina 2013
South Carolina John Rutledge Charleston, South Carolina 2013
Virginia John Blair Williamsburg, Virginia  
Virginia James Madison Montpelier Station, Virginia 2005
Virginia George Washington Mount Vernon, Virginia 2003

* [1] -
This gravesite is unconfirmed or in dispute.

* [2] - Saint John's Episcopal Church was constructed over Jonathan Dayton's grave, making it inaccessible.
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