Daniel D. Tompkins

Burial Location Age Vice President Grave #
New York, New York May 14, 2011 30th Visited


James Monroe's vice president, Daniel D.                                                   Tompkins' worn grave marker.
Tompkins, is interred in a vault at St. Mark's                                               He was the fourth governor of
Church in-the-Bowery in NYC.                                                                   New York.


This plaque is located to the right of the slab                                            A bust of the New Yorker, which
that marks Tompkins' final resting place. It                                               is located on the opposite side
incorrectly states that the vice president was                                            of the church.
fifty-one years old when he passed away.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* The sixth vice president of the USA was born on June 21, 1774 in Scarsdale, just a few miles north of New York City. When he reached the proper age, he attended Columbia College. In 1795, Tompkins graduated from the school at the top of his class. Two years later, in 1797, he was admitted to the bar and married Hannah Minthorne, the daughter of a prominent merchant. Tompkins' political life began in 1800, when he set about soliciting votes on behalf of several candidates for the New York State Legislature. Many people viewed him as resourceful, and Tompkins found himself made a delegate to his state's constitutional convention the following year.

* In 1803, Tompkins joined the New York State Assembly, and served there until he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1804. He never did serve in that body, however, as he resigned before his term began to become an associate justice for the New York Supreme Court. His time as an associate justice was short-lived, though, as he was sworn in as the governor of New York in 1807, taking the reigns from Morgan Lewis. Tompkins was re-elected in 1810. The War of 1812 broke out during his second term, and he actually paid for troops and equipment with his own money when the state assembly refused to do so.

* President James Madison offered Governor Tompkins a cabinet position in 1814, but he declined the offer, opting to stay in New York. Three years later, he found himself in Washington, D.C. anyway, serving as the nation's vice president. After he was sworn in as VP in March of 1817, Tompkins went back to New York, where he welcomed James Monroe at the start of the president's summer tour of the North.

* Tompkins was often remise in his duties as vice president, paying more attention to the issues with his health. He still suffered from injuries he sustained in a fall from his horse in 1814, and he confined himself to his house, and occasionally he never even left his bed. At one point, his ailments were so bad that he contemplated resigning from the vice presidency. Though Tompkins did improve afterward, his financial troubles distracted him from his responsibilities as well. Apparently, he had kept poor financial records during his tenure as governor and it was coming back to bite him. As he sank further and further into debt, the vice president's alcohol consumption increased. When Tompkins presided over the Senate (a rarity because of his personal problems), he often did so inebriated.

* Despite his plummiting approval rate, Tompkins was re-elected as vice president in 1820. When New York held yet another constitutional convention in 1821, he was made the chairman of the assembly, much to the chagrin of many other delegates. During his downward spiral, Tompkins even managed to ruin his relationship with James Monroe by harshly criticizing him during a meeting. Plagued with stress and alcoholism, he passed away on Staten Island scant months after his second term ended. Aged fifty years old, Daniel D. Tompkins remains the youngest VP to die.

Second Lady: Hannah Minthorne Tompkins
       -Spouse: Hannah Minthorne Tompkins (1781-1829)

Political Party:
 Democratic-Republican Party

Served Under:
 James Monroe

Last Words:

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