Dominic Paul DiMaggio
Burial Location Visited
Newton, Massachusetts August 2009


One of the Boston Red Sox's best outfielders,                              Due to his small stature and glasses,
Dom DiMaggio, is buried within the confines                                DiMaggio was known by fans and
of the Newton Cemetery and Crematory.                                     teammates alike as "The Little Professor".

This is a picture of the baseball that I left                                                   DiMaggio could not have picked
at DiMaggio's grave. It bears his name, my                                                 a calmer, more peaceful resting
name, and the number he wore on his                                                       place.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* "The Little Professor" spent his entire eleven season career with the Boston Red Sox. During his career, DiMaggio had 1,680 hits and 87 home runs. He collected 618 runs batted in, and he had a .298 batting average. He was elected to the All-Star Game seven times. 

* After playing only three seasons of baseball, DiMaggio became one of the many athletes whose career was interrupted by World War II. He missed three seasons while in the navy before he returned to the outfield in 1946. He would continue to play with the Red Sox until his retirement from baseball in 1953.

* Although he had a decent career and was a likable man, Dom DiMaggio never stood out in the crowd. He was always overshadowed by his teammate Ted Williams and his brother Joe DiMaggio, both Hall of Famers. Viewed as two of the greatest athletes that ever lived, Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio easily attracted fans, while Dom struggled to do so.

* In order to cope with the success of Yankee star Joe DiMaggio, Red Sox fans created a ditty that put Dom DiMaggio on a higher pedestal than his older brother. Created sometime in the 1940's, the short song was very popular with young New Englanders. It went as follows:

Who hits the ball and makes it go?
Dominic DiMaggio
Who runs the bases fast, not slow?
Dominic DiMaggio
Who's better than his brother Joe?
Dominic DiMaggio
But when it comes to getting dough,
They give it all to brother Joe. 

* In the final days of his life, "The Little Professor" was battling pneumonia. As the end drew near, Dominic DiMaggio, Jr. went to be with his father. Dom DiMaggio passed away while doing his favorite activity: watching his beloved Red Sox.

Spouse: Emily DiMaggio (m. 1948-2009)

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