Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Burial Location Visited
New Hartford, Connecticut May 14, 2015

Actor Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. is interred in his
family's plot toward the entrance of Town
Hill Cemetery in New Hartford, Connecticut.
Zimbalist passed away on May 2, 2014,
just over a year before my visit.

Zimbalist voiced Alfred in fifty-five
of B:TAS, as well as in
episodes of related spin-off
programs, films, and video games.
I will always regard his performance
as the definitive portrayal of the

Zimbalist was the star of the television
77 Sunset Strip and The F.B.I. I
will always remember him as 
the voice of
Bruce Wayne's butler and 
confidant, Alfred
 Pennyworth, in 
Batman: The Animated Series.

I was joined on my daylong trip
to Connecticut by several others,
including my friend Kelvis, who
is also a passionate Batman fan.

* Background on Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. *

* Born into a musically-inclined family, Zimbalist was educated at prep schools and afterward he attended, but did not graduate from, Yale University. He earned low grades during his freshman year and was expelled.1 The following year he returned to the Ivy League school, but his continued academic shortcomings led to a second expulsion.2 After his second departure from Yale, Zimbalist worked as a page for NBC. He wanted to pursue acting, and landed a one-time role on the radio program Renfrew of the Mounted. Zimbalist served in the army during World War II and was awarded the Purple Heart for an injury sustained in the Battle of Hürtgen Forest.3 He resumed acting after he returned to the United States.

* Equipped with the smooth, baritone voice that later became his trademark, Zimbalist appeared in several films in the 1950s while under contract with Warner Bros. such as as
Band of Angels and Bombers B-52. Against his wishes, the studio cast him as private eye Stuart Bailey in the pilot for 77 Sunset Strip. Zimbalist was reluctant to star on television and put up significant resistance against Warner Bros. However, his seven-year contract stipulated that he do so,4 and after six months he gave in and appeared in the pilot.5 It aired in October 1958 and the program ran for six seasons.

* Zimbalist was a far more willing participant in his next major television program, The F.B.I. The show and its star were supported by the actual Federal Bureau of Investigation and its renowned director, J. Edgar Hoover. Zimbalist appeared as Inspector Lewis Erskine for 241 episodes, each one ending with the actor presenting photographs from the FBI's actual most-wanted list, which led to arrests in some instances.6 After The F.B.I. went off the air in 1974, Zimbalist's relationship with the real life organization continued. He narrated recruitment videos for the bureau, and helped raise money for families of fallen agents.7 Numerous people throughout the years approached the actor to tell him that he inspired them to enter law enforcement, which Zimbalist took great joy from.8 Said to have dedicated himself to the ideals of the bureau, Zimbalist was presented with an honorary FBI badge in 2009.9

Spouse: Emily Munroe McNair Zimbalist (m. 1945-1950)
              Loranda Stephanie Spalding Zimbalist (m. 1956-2007)

Last Words: Unknown

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