Elvis Aaron Presley
Burial Location Visited
Memphis, Tennessee July 2006


"The King of Rock 'n' Roll" is                                                                     Ever since his demise in 1977, 
buried on the grounds of his                                                                     stories have surfaced that Elvis
Memphis home, known to most                                                                 is actually alive and is living in
of the world as Graceland.                                                                        seclusion.

*** Interesting Facts ***

* The famed singer made his first recording at Memphis' Sun Studio in 1953. When asked what genre of music he sang, Presley replied that he sang anything. Soon, Elvis began to sing, and in doing so really impressed secretary Marion Keisker. After the session, Keisker copied down Presley's name and several notes, and Elvis was invited back. The record was simply going to be a gift for his mother, but it turned into a billion dollar career.

* Elvis received his first gold record for his 1956 song Heartbreak Hotel, which rose to number one on the American charts. In total, Elvis would receive 150 gold or platinum records throughout his career.

* After he had released just a few songs, Presley became a sensation throughout America. Elvis and his songs were in popular demand, as America's youth had gone crazy over him. One of the things that attracted teenagers to the young, new star was his way of dancing. As he sang, Presley shook his hips and torso, something that was unheard of in entertainment up to that point. While teenagers were delighted by Presley's gyrations, older generations were apalled. They considered his dance moves vulgar, and they vowed to take matters into their own hands if he continued to move in this manner. When Presley appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show on September 9, 1956, the show's host figured out a way to fix the problem. During the duration of the show, Elvis was shown only from the waist up, restricting television watchers' view of his dance moves.

* One of Elvis' hobbies was collecting police badges. He had a very extensive collection, with badges ranging anywhere from Los Angeles to England. Each badge told its own story, and perhaps the badge with the most intriguing story was his BNDD badge. During the outbreak of hippies in the '60's, Elvis had taken a strong stance against their lifestyle and drug use. He felt strongly about banishing drugs from the community, and went to the top to discuss the matter. In December of 1970, he met with President Nixon about becoming a "Federal Agent at Large" and infiltrating hippie gangs. As they were discussing the topic of drugs, Presley found no better time than then to ask the president about acquiring a BNDD badge. The BNDD, which stands for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, was an organization that dealt with drug issues across America. Though the president was wary of Elvis' first request, he complied and granted his latter wish, awarding him a BNDD badge. In honor of Nixon's hospitality, "The King" bestowed him with a gift of his own: a handgun. President Nixon did accept the gun, but it was not presented to him at the request of the Secret Service.

* By the end of his career, the Elvis of the '50's was but a distant memory. Elvis had gained an enormous amount of weight and had become dependent on prescription drugs. He was depressed and constantly stressed out. With these issues, tours and concerts took an even greater toll on his health than they normally would. On August 16, 1977, Elvis was found unresponsive in his bathroom. Upon being taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital, he was declared dead at the age of 42.

Spouse: Priscilla Presley (1945-      )

Last Words:
"OK, I won't."
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