Francis Hopkinson
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Francis Hopkinson, a delegate from New                                    Hopkinson's grave is similar to some of the
Jersey, is buried in the Christ Church Burial                                graves of other signers of the Declaration
Ground in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.                                        of Independence buried in the cemetery.

As it states on his grave, some believe that
Hopkinson played a major role in designing
the American flag.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* Declaration signatory Francis Hopkinson was born on September 21, 1737 in Philly. He was a graduate of the College of Philadelphia, and went as far as to get his masters degree.

* Interestingly enough, Hopkinson was a loyalist until shortly before the colonists declared independence. Hopkinson owned a dry goods business in Philadelphia, and did not boycott products from England like rebel businessmen. Several years later, he became the customs collector for New Castle, Delaware before moving to New Jersey to become a member of the Royal Provincial Council. Eventually, he resigned his position and sided with the rebel cause. Shortly after, he became a member of the Second Continental Congress.

* Hopkinson served with the Second Continental Congress for only five months, from June 22, 1776 to November 30th later that year. After he left the Congress, he served on the Navy Board in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

* In September of 1789, President Washington nominated Hopkins for the position of judge of the United States District Court for the District of Pennsylvania. Washington's nominee was approved by the Senate two days later.

* Some time after the fact, Hopkinson started to claim that he was the designer of the first American flag, at which point he started requesting compensation from Congress. The government maintained that the design was not created by him alone, and that it had been a group effort. Thus, he had already been paid for being a public servant. Also, the original design had been altered. The original design had thirteen scattered six-point stars, while the actual flag's stars had five points and formed a circle.

Spouse: Ann Borden Hopkinson (1747-1827)

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