Alexander Franklin James
Burial Location Visited
Independence, Missouri August 14, 2009


Only thirteen people are interred in Hill Park                               Someone has left blue plastic flowers at
Cemetery in Independence. Needless to say,                              James' grave to commemorate his life.
it was not hard to find Frank James' grave.


Upon his death in 1915, Frank James body                                  The reason behind the outlaw's cremation
was cremated and his remains stored in a                                   was his fear of grave robbers. 
vault. When his wife Ann died in 1944, both
of their remains were interred in the town of

*** Interesting Facts ***

* Although he was well-meaning and innocent during his childhood, the Civil War and the brutality of some Union soldiers greatly affected Frank James' lifestyle, as he became a guerrilla fighter and a criminal within a short period of time.

* By 1874, the authorities had decided that the threat of the James-Younger Gang had to be eliminated. The Pinkerton National Detective Agency was hired to track down and capture the group. At the beginning of the hunt, the James brothers and their gang were able to stay clear of the detectives, but the agency's leader eventually grew tired of failure. He sent an agent to force his way into the family's farmhouse, but he failed to report back and was later discovered dead. He also sent some detectives after the Youngers, and they succeeded in killing one of the brothers, but it cost them another of their men. These murders were taken personally by members of the agency, and they devised a plot to strike the heart of the gang.

* The following year, the detectives made another attempt to raid the James family's home. Trudging through the snowy ground, they made their way to the Kearney farmhouse. Upon reaching the home, the agents broke one of the windows and tossed in an incendiary bomb. One of the family members naively took a shovel and placed the bomb in the fireplace, unaware that the device was an explosive. It took little time for the bomb to explode after that, and it did so with great force. The explosion was violent enough to maim the outlaws' mother's arm and kill their eight-year-old half-brother.

* Once his brother was killed, Frank knew that it was time to throw in the towel. A while later, Frank traveled by train to the Missouri State Capitol Building, where he was set to meet face-to-face with Governor Thomas Crittenden. At the meeting, the outlaw surrendered and handed his gun over to the governor personally. Eventually, James was put on trial for two robberies and two murders, none of which he was ever convicted of. Cleared of all charges, Frank James retired from crime and attempted to live a normal life.

* In his elder years, James carried on the tradition his mother had started by charging tourists to visit the family farm. Eventually, Frank's son Robert took over for his father, and even went as far as to install a golf course on the property.

Spouse: Ann Ralston James (1853-1944)

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