George Clinton

Burial Location Visited Vice President Grave #
Kingston, New York May 22, 2010 27th Visited

George Clinton served as the first
governor of New York and later as
the fourth vice president. He is
interred in the Old Dutch Churchyard
in Kingston, New York.

Clinton's grave is not far from that of another
vice president. Levi P. Morton is buried in
Rhinebeck, which is located just across the
Hudson River from Kingston.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* A patriot who was good friends with George Washington, Clinton served in the army as well. 
Fighting in several battles, Clinton was commissioned as a brigadier general. Without General Clinton's help, it is doubtful that many of the soldiers stationed with Washington at Valley Forge would have survived. Clinton sent the starving soldiers pork, grain, and cattle.

* In 1804, George Clinton was chosen to be the running mate of the incumbent president, Thomas Jefferson. He was replacing controversial Vice President Aaron Burr, who had killed Alexander Hamilton. The Jefferson-Clinton ticket wound up victorious, and Clinton became the fourth vice president of the United States. In 1808, he was renominated for the office of vice president, although Thomas Jefferson had chosen not to run for re-election. He was able to gather enough votes to continue being vice president, while James Madison won the presidential race. This made him the first person to serve as vice president under two different presidents.

* On April 20, 1812, George Clinton became the first vice president to pass away while in office. He had been ill for quite some time, although it is not known with what. The vice presidency remained vacant until March of the following year, when statesman Elbridge Gerry took over. Gerry would end up dying in the middle of his term as well.

Second Lady: None
       -Spouse: Sarah Cornelia Tappen Clinton (m. 1770-1800)

Political Party:
Democratic-Republican Party

Served Under:
Thomas Jefferson (1805-1809)
                        James Madison (1809-1812)

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