George Clymer

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Trenton, New Jersey April 23, 2010 16th Visited


All of these plaques, grave markers,                                                          The reason why Clymer's grave
and tombstones belong to George                                                             site has so many markers is
Clymer, an important man in                                                                     because they are there to note
America's history.                                                                                    that he not only signed the
                                                                                                             Declaration of Independence,
                                                                                                             but the Constitution as well.

Clymer was one of only six people to have                                                 One of the plaques that marks
signed both the Declaration of Independence                                             George Clymer's final resting
and the U.S. Constitution.                                                                        place.

                                        *** Interesting Facts ***

George Clymer was born on March 16, 1739 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. At some point in time, Clymer was orphaned and went to live with his uncle, a very respectable businessman and merchant. As Clymer grew older, his uncle trained him and taught him how to succeed in the mercantile business. Eventually, Clymer joined a father and son merchant team and together they formed a business, calling it Merediths & Clymer. Before long, he became infatuated with Mr. Meredith's daughter, Elizabeth, and they married in 1765.

* Through his father-in-law, Clymer met George Washington, a Virginia farmer who, of course, became the first president of the United States. The two formed a good, solid friendship that lasted for the remainder of their lives.

* In the late months of 1776, as the British Army advanced on the city of Philadelphia, the Continental Congress decided to move to Baltimore, which they determined would be a safer location. Not every member of the Congress left Philadelphia, though. Delegates Robert Morris, George Walton, and George Clymer all stayed behind in order to continue conducting congressional business.

* After the Battle of Brandywine, which was a major victory for Britain, King George III's troops marched toward Philadelphia. On the way, though, they altered their route so that it led to George Clymer's house, located somewhere in Chester County. From the woods, the statesman and his family watched as the British troops destroyed their home.

* Clymer was one of only six people that affixed their names to both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. The other five patriots that did so were Robert Morris, George Read, Roger Sherman, James Wilson, and Benjamin Franklin.

Spouse: Elizabeth Meredith Clymer (        -1815)

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