George Mifflin Dallas
Burial Location Visited Vice President Grave #
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania June 14, 2013 40th Visited

The churchyard of St. Peter's Church in
Philadelphia contains the remains of George
Dallas, a former vice president and U.S.
senator. He also served as the mayor
of Philadelphia from 1828 to 1829.

My visit to Dallas' burial site in
June 2013 left me, at the time,
with only one unvisited vice
presidential grave remaining:
Hubert Humphrey's.

Dallas served as vice president for four years
under James K. Polk, during which time Texas
achieved statehood. It has been speculated,
though not confirmed, that the city and
county of Dallas were named in his honor.

Vice President Dallas' grave marker is very
crowded, as he shares it with eleven family

*** Interesting Facts ***

* Under construction

* Under construction

* Under construction

Second Lady: Sophia Chew Nicklin Dallas

      - Spouse: Sophia Chew Nicklin Dallas (m. 1816-1864)

Political Party: Democratic Party

Served Under: James Knox Polk (1845-1849)

Last Words: Unknown

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