Joseph William Martin, Jr.
Burial Location Visited Speaker Grave #
North Attleboro, Massachusetts November 16, 2015 10th Visited

My friend Angelo and I had almost no trouble
finding the burial site of House Speaker
Joseph William Martin at Mount Hope
Cemetery in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Martin is buried not far from my
university, so during a free moment
my friend and I decided to run out
and cross him off my list.

Though Martin's final resting place was my
tenth speaker grave, it was just my second
after I decided to visit them all. Two days
prior, I paid my respects to Thomas Brackett
, while some I had already visited because
of their other posts (eg. James K. Polk was
president and John Nance Garner was VP).

Martin never married or had any children,
but he is buried among family members.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* Under construction

* Under construction

* Under construction

Spouse: None

Political Party: Republican Party

Last Words: Unknown

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