James Otis, Jr.
Burial Location Visited
Boston, Massachusetts July 6, 2007


James Otis, one of America's most overlooked                             Otis' remains are located near the front of
and underrated patriots, is interred at the                                   the cemetery. John Hancock's grave is
Granary Burying Ground in Boston. This aged                              visible in the background.
bronze plaque was placed on his stone in 1898.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* John Adams always spoke well of James Otis. He once remarked that "...
I have never known a man whose love of his country was more ardent or sincere, never one who suffered so much, never one whose service for any ten years of his life were so important and essential to the cause of his country as those of Mr. Otis from 1760 to 1770."

* Of all of the rebellious colonists, none of them spoke out more against King George III's Writs of Assistance than James Otis. He called the Writs "instruments of slavery." He maintained that everyone had a right to privacy, and that the King could not take away that right. Although Otis could not convince King George III to change his mind, more colonists began to take Otis' side, bringing the colonies closer to a revolution.

* It was James Otis who is credited for creating the renowned 18th century phrase "Taxation without representation is tyranny."

* Eventually, Otis began suffering from several mental issues. Each day, Otis would have a completely different stance on topics than he had originally stated. He also began to challenge others participating in town meetings to duels and fights right then and there. At some point, he was placed in the care of his close friends.

*  On May 23, 1783, Otis was staying as a guest at the Osgood Farm in Andover, Massachusetts while he was recovering from a head injury. During the midst of a storm, Otis stepped into the open doorway of the house. Within little time, he was struck and killed by a bolt of lightning.

Spouse: Ruth Cunningham Otis (1729-1789)

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