James Schoolcraft Sherman

Burial Location Visited Vice President Grave #
Utica, New York April 17, 2010 18th Visited


William Taft's vice president is appropriately                               James Sherman was the most recent VP
buried up on a hill in Utica's Forest Hill                                       to pass away while in office. In 1912, he
Cemetery.                                                                               succumbed to Bright's disease and uremia.


Luckily, the rain stopped long enough for us                                The view of the inside of Sherman's
to snap some decent photographs at Sherman's                           private mausoleum. His wife, Carrie, is
final resting place.                                                                     interred beside him.

* Sherman attended Hamilton College, a private school located in Clinton, New York. He graduated in 1878.

* Before entering politics, Sherman was a lawyer. He was admitted to the bar in New York in 1880.

* In 1884, Sherman served as the mayor of his hometown, Utica, New York.

* For most of his political career, James Sherman served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. He represented New York's 23rd district from 1887-1891, its 25th district from 1893-1903, and its 27th district from 1903-1909. He left the House of Representatives to become William Howard Taft's vice president.

* Since Sherman's passing on October 30, 1912, no other vice president has died while in office.

Second Lady: Carrie Babcock Sherman
      - Spouse: Carrie Babcock Sherman (1856-1931)

Political Party:
Republican Party

Served Under:
William Howard Taft (1909-1912)

Last Words:
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