John Caldwell Calhoun
Burial Location Visited Vice President Grave #
Charleston, South Carolina June 5, 2013 37th Visited

John C. Calhoun is interred in the west
churchyard of St. Philip's Church in Charleston,
South Carolina. Charles Pinckney and Edward
Rutledge, signers of the U.S. Constitution and
the Declaration of Independence, respectively,
are interred in St. Philip's east churchyard.

Calhoun's body was temporarily moved across
the street to the east churchyard during the
Civil War out of fear of desecration by Union
soldiers. His remains were later returned to
the west churchyard, where the present
monument was erected in 1884.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* Under construction

* Under construction

* Under construction

Second Lady: Floride Bonneau Calhoun

      - Spouse: Florida Bonneau Calhoun (m. 1811-1850)

Political Party: Democratic-Republican Party
                       Nullifier Party
                       Democratic Party

Served Under: John Quincy Adams (1825-1829)
                      Andrew Jackson (1829-1832)

Last Words: Unknown

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