John Jay
Burial Location Visited SCOTUS Grave #
Rye, New York May 28, 2018 45th Visited

John Jay, the first chief justice of
the U.S. Supreme Court, is buried
in the family cemetery he established
at the family homestead in Rye, New
York. Jay also served as New York's
second governor, from 1795 to 1801.

When President Franklin Roosevelt attempted
to place additional justices on the Supreme
Court in order to yield more favorable rulings
for his New Deal policies, someone took their
frustrations out on Justice Jay's grave with a
gun. The incident prompted Jay's descendants
to erect a fence around the cemetery.

Though Jay did not sign the
Constitution, he wrote five of the
Federalist Papers that advocated
for its ratification. The majority
of the essays were penned by


The Jay Cemetery is a private burial ground,
but in 2017 the family restarted a tradition
of opening the gates to the public on
 Memorial Day. When I went in 2018, it
was only the second time since 1987 the
public was allowed in, en masse.

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Spouse: Sarah Van Brugh Livingston Jay (m. 1774-1802)

Last Words: Unknown

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