John Wilkes Booth
Cause of Death Age Burial Location Visted
Gunshot wound 26 Baltimore, Maryland July 2015

This plot in Baltimore's Green Mount Cemetery
houses the remains of the family of Junius
Brutus Booth, including his notorious son,
John Wilkes. Abraham Lincoln's assassin was
 laid to rest in the cemetery in June 1869.

Although Booth's exact grave is unmarked,
visitors typically regard a small, plain stone
at the corner of the family plot as his. It
is likely just the footstone for the grave of
his sister, Asia, but at the very least it has
come to represent Booth's final resting place.

Booth's brother, Edwin, purchased
the plot and ensured that his
murderous sibling's grave was
unmarked. However, John Wilkes
Booth's name is listed on the back
  of the family monument.

On both the family marker and the small
stone mistakenly considered to be Booth's,
his detractors leave pennies face up to "lock
the assassin in the ground."Likewise,
Lincoln's detractors leave pennies face down
in the alley behind Ford's Theatre.

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Spouse: None

Last Words: "Useless, useless."



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