Joseph Hewes
Cause of Death Age Burial Location DoI Signer Grave #
Unknown 49 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 6th in my collection


Markers commemorating the lives of patriots                               This plaque, placed here in 1963, states
Joseph Hewes and George Ross can be found                              that he was "one of the most agreeable
at Philadelphia's Christ Church Burial Ground.                              men in the world".
Hewes' actual burial location is not known,
although it is thought to be nearby.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

Joseph Hewes was known to have been a slave owner.

* From the start, Hewes believed that the severed ties between England and the colonies were irreparable, and that a war between the two was unavoidable. When he gained permission to speak in Congress, he was never taken seriously by his opponents and was constantly interrupted by those who were trying to dodge the inevitable.

* For the majority of his lifespan, Hewes practiced as a Quaker. However, he broke all ties to the Quakers once the Revolutionary War began. Quakers were pacifists, and Hewes felt that the war was absolutely necessary.

* Hewes served as the secretary of the U.S. Navy from 1776-1778, and was the only person to hold that position throughout the duration of the Continental Congress.

* When he passed away in November of 1779, each and every member of the Continental Congress attended his funeral.

Spouse: None

Political Party:

Last Words:

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