Lee Harvey Oswald
Burial Location Visited
Fort Worth, Texas April 21, 2012

Lee Harvey Oswald, deemed by
the Warren Commission as the
sole person responsible for the
assassination of President John
F. Kennedy
, is interred in Shannon
Rose Hill Memorial Park in Fort
Worth, Texas.

Just two days after the Kennedy
assassination, Oswald was shot
and killed by Dallas night club
owner Jack Ruby. It was the first
ever live television murder. To
see pictures of Oswald's jail cell
and shooting site, click here and
scroll down to "Dallas Police

Oswald is the only presidential assassin
whose exact burial spot is marked.
Wilkes Booth's
location in his family's plot
is unmarked. Charles Guiteau's body is
kept in the National Museum of Health
and Medicine, and Leon Czolgosz,
whose body was dissolved with acid,
has an unmarked grave as well.

Next to Oswald's grave marker
is a similar one marked "Nick
Beef." The person who bought
the plot has no intentions of
being buried there. To learn
more about Beef, click here.

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Spouse: Marina Nikolayvna Oswald Porter (m. 1961-1963)

Last Words: Unknown



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