Levi Woodbury
Cause of Death Visited SCOTUS Grave #
Portsmouth, New Hampshire November 14, 2015 26th Visited

Levi Woodbury, who served on
the U.S. Supreme Court from
1845 to 1851, is interred at
Harmony Grove Cemetery in
Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

In addition to serving on the Supreme
Court, Woodbury spent time as a
governor, U.S. senator, secretary
of the Navy, and secretary of
the Treasury.

I particularly enjoy visiting graves
with interesting architectural
features, such the Woodbury
family obelisk which has a
marble rendering of the justice
on its front.

After visiting Woodbury's grave,
my friend Angelo and I continued
on to Maine, where we saw
the burial site of another associate
justice, Nathan Clifford.

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Spouse: Elizabeth W. Clapp Woodbury (m. 1819-1851)

Political Party: Democratic Party

Last Words: Unknown



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