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* The Batcave *

                                               This California cave was seen by millions of
                                               television viewers two nights a week from
                                               1966 to 1968. It was used as the exterior of
                                               the Batcave on the popular 1960's Batman
                                               TV show.

* Benjamin Franklin Birthplace *


Now a Sir Speedy, this site on                                                   A bust of Franklin, located on the facade
Milk Street in Boston is where                                                   just above the second floor of the building.
Benjamin Franklin was born in

* Birthplace of Larry Fine *


Though it was originally the location of an                                   Located on the corner of South and 3rd
apartment building, this Philadelphia corner                                 Streets, Jon's Bar & Grill displays several
now hosts a restaurant that pays tribute to                                 murals depicting the famous stooge 
the comedic legend that was born there in                                  throughout the establishment.

* Birthplace of the Hamburger *


Legend has it that in 1895 a busy customer                                 Located at 263 Crown Street in New
ran into a small restaurant in New Haven                                    Haven, Connecticut, Louis' Lunch's owners
looking for a quick meal. The establishment's                               make their burgers just how they were
owner placed a piece of broiled meat between                             prepared in the 19th century: with no
two slices of bread and fed it to the customer.                             pickles or condiments. They even cook the
And thus, the hamburger was born.                                            burgers in gas stoves from 1898.

* Boston Tea Party Site *


This plaque marks the approximate site where                            The incident occurred at Griffin's Wharf,
the Boston Tea Party occurred in 1773.                                      which no longer exists. To protest King
                                                                                             George III's tea tax, agitated colonists
                                                                                             boarded three British ships and dumped
                                                                                             342 tea chests into the harbor.

* The Dakota *


Right near Central Park is the Dakota, the                                                 At the entranceway where the
apartment building that was home to music                                               former Beatle was shot by an
icon John Lennon until he was killed there                                                 assailant.
in 1980.

* Empire State Building *


Inside of the fabled New York                                                   Once the tallest structure in the world, the
tower, my family and I posed                                                    Empire State Building is 1,454 feet high.
for this photograph.                                                                 This photo was taken from Liberty Island.

* Football Hall of Fame *

(No photos available)

* Ground Zero *


On September 11, 2001 the north                                                             A rendering at Ground Zero of
and south towers of the World                                                                  One World Trade Center, or the
Trade Center were struck by                                                                     Freedom Tower, which will be commercial airliners that had been                                                             built on the site. Once it is
hijacked by terrorists. Approximately                                                          done it will be taller than the
3,000 people died in the attack.                                                                 Empire State Building.

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* Hollywood Sign *

                                               Not too far from the Batcave is the famous
                                               Hollywood sign. The sign, which at first read
                                               "HOLLYWOODLAND", is composed of letters
                                               that are 45 feet tall. The sign was first placed
                                               at its location in 1923, though it has been
                                               replaced several times since then.

* Jesse James Home *


In 1882, outlaw Jesse James was gunned                                                   The hole behind me is rumored
down at his own home in St. Joseph, Missouri.                                            to have been made by the
After being moved once already, the house                                                 bullet that killed Jesse James,
was transfered to its present location in 1977.                                             but most researchers believe
                                                                                                              the projectile never left James'

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Liberty Bell Center *

                                                Thought by many to be large in size, the
                                                Liberty Bell is actually only three feet tall.

* Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast *


In 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were the                             Lizzie was never convicted of the crime, but
victims of murder, each of them having been                             has gained notoriety as one of the most
struck multiple times with a hatchet. Andrew's                           famed alleged murderesses of all time. The
daughter, Lizzie Borden, was the prime suspect.                         Fall River, Massachusetts home is now a
                                                                                             museum, as well as a bed and breakfast.

 National Archives 


The Declaration of Independence                                              Also inside the National Archives building is
is one of the many documents that                                            the tape recorder used to transcribe the
are protected by the National                                                    Watergate tapes.
Archives and Records Administration.

* New York Stock Exchange *


At the New York Stock Exchange on Wall                                    John Quincy Adams Ward's statue of
Street. The most famous day in its history                                  George Washington at Federal Hall looks
was October 29, 1929, or "Black Tuesday",                                 out toward the New York Stock Exchange.
when the stock market crashed, signaling
the beginning of the Great Depression.

* Niagara Falls *


Here I am on my first trip to Canada, although                             The Horseshoe Falls, also known as the
the American side of Niagara Falls is shown                                 Canadian Falls.
in this picture.

* Old Massachusetts State House *


It was outside this building that                                                The east balcony, where the Declaration of
the infamous Boston Massacre                                                   Independence was first publicly read in
happened on March 5, 1770. The                                               Boston. This was Massachusetts' capitol
Old State House is now the oldest                                              until 1798 and was Boston's city hall from
surviving public building in the                                                   1830 to 1841.

* Old North Church *


On the night of April 18, 1775,                                                   The two lanterns were hung for under
per instruction of Paul Revere, two                                             a minute, plenty of time for the colonist
lanterns were hung in the steeple                                              rebels to see the signal. Meanwhile, Paul
of the Old North Church, warning                                               Revere had embarked on his famous
minutemen that the British soldiers                                            "midnight ride" to warn others of the
were crossing the Charles River.                                                British's approach.

* Paul Revere House *


Built in 1680, this Boston home was owned                                A map showing the route of Paul Revere's
by silversmith Paul Revere from 1770 to                                    trek.
1800 and is where he began is famous ride
from in 1775.

* Smithsonian Institution *


The National Museum of American                                             Many significant artifacts from America's
History is only one of the numerous                                           past are stored in the National Museum of
facilities that makes up the renowned                                        American History. This includes the flag
Smithsonian Institution. Here I am                                            that inspired "The Star Spangled Banner",
famed ventriloquist dummy Charlie                                            the signpost from M*A*S*H, and the
McCarthy inside the museum.                                                   iconic marionette puppet Howdy Doody.

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* United States Capitol *

(No photos available)
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