New Hampshire Day Trip
February 19, 2005

The next grave venture I went on was rather spontaneous. There was 
little to no planning involved whatsoever, as the idea presented itself rather 
suddenly. It was a cold February morning, and my family had just dropped off 
my grandparents at the airport for their flight to Florida. With my grandparents 
now on their way to warm weather and sunny skies, I was left preparing for a 
presumably dull February vacation. On the way back from the airport, my dad 
and I were contemplating what we could accomplish during the following week. 
After about ten minutes, my dad came up with an idea that was definitely 
appreciated: We could go to another president grave! I was very enthused 
about this idea, as I had never been to a presidential burial site in the 
winter. Having narrowed our options down to two, we chose to travel to New 
Hampshire to visit President Pierce. Thrilled, we dropped my sister off at our 
house, alerted my mom that we were leaving, and departed on our journey.

After an uneventful 140 mile drive, my dad and I arrived in downtown 
Concord. It is a quiet and surreal place where drivers actually stop at 
crosswalks. Concord's inhabitants seemed peaceful enough, and I was 
impressed. After we drove around the city for several minutes, we found the 
street where Old North Cemetery was located. Upon entering the cemetery, we 
easily located Franklin Pierce's resting place. Despite the fact that the city was 
covered in snow, it was not a hard task to find the granite marker, as it is at 
least twelve feet high. The wreath placed at the site three months prior was 
still there, adding a Christmasy touch to the burial plot. Before we took our 
pictures, my dad and I cleared some snow off of the marker in order to show 
its true form better. Not long after, the two of us exited the cemetery and went 
off to lunch.

Once we had finished our meals, we walked a block or so away to a 
history museum, located not too far from the State Capitol Building. Inside the 
museum, we found ourselves looking at several articles from Pierce's life, such 
as a desk of his and a sign from his days as an attorney. We stayed in the 
building for approximately 45 minutes before we headed to the door. As we 
were leaving, we were stopped by a museum employee who asked us what 
brought us to the museum. We began to tell him how we visited presidential 
burial sites all across the country. He said that was very interesting, and that 
we should come back to Concord at some point to visit President Pierce's home, 
which is closed during the winter. Before long, we ended up in a 20 minute 
conversation and we found ourselves with tons of new knowledge about the 
Pierce administration. Eventually we said our goodbyes and headed toward our 

As we left to head back home, my mind began racing. It had not even 
been two years yet, and we were almost halfway to reaching our goal. How 
long would it take for us to visit the rest?
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