Oliver Hazard Perry
Burial Location Visited
Newport, Rhode Island August 17, 2009


While trying to find the grave of                                               Perry was originally buried in Trinidad, but 
William Ellery, my family stumbled                                            his body was relocated to Newport in
upon the grave of naval hero                                                   1826.
Oliver Hazard Perry. The two
patriots are buried in adjoining


A close up view of Perry's monument.                                        Here I am with Perry's individual marker.
This inscription tells the journey
of Perry's corpse.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* Perry was born in South Kingston, Rhode Island in 1785. He spent parts of his youth in Newport, Rhode Island and South Carolina, where he practiced sailing.

* At the youthful age of thirteen, Perry joined the United States Navy. He was a midshipman, and was in training to be a naval officer.

* One of Oliver Perry's closest friends was James Lawrence, a fellow naval officer. Upon his promotion to captain, Lawrence was given the command of the USS Chesapeake. Immediately after the Chesapeake's departure from port, it ran into a British ship. Even though the Chesapeake was a great deal larger than the British ship, it fell quickly due to the small ship's accurate cannonfire. During the barrage, Captain Lawrence was wounded, and his injuries were fatal. His dying command was "Don't give up the ship!" When Commodore Perry was alerted of Lawrence's demise, he ordered that a flag be made that displayed his friend's last words. After the flag's completion, Perry's men carried it into battle always.

* As the War of 1812 unfolded, Perry was given the duty of commanding a fleet of American ships on Lake Erie. The following year on September 10th, the fleet was attacked by a large group of British ships. During the brutal battle, Commodore Perry's flagship was destroyed, but he was able to escape. He and his crew rowed through the midst of gunfire to another ship, carrying the flag bearing Captain Lawrence's last words. Through Perry's courageous leadership, the Americans were able to capture hundreds of British sailors and win the battle.

* While on board the USS Nonsuch in Venezuela in 1819, Perry and his crew members were bitten by dozens of mosquitos. After a short time, the men became deathly ill. They had contracted yellow fever. While the majority of the crew recovered, Perry did not. Shortly after the USS Nonsuch arrived in Trinidad on August 23rd, the commodore succumbed to the illness.

Spouse: None

Last Words: Unknown
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