Presidential Birthplaces
* John and John Quincy Adams Birthplaces *

Among the features of the Adams National
Historical Park in Quincy, Massachusetts are
the side-by-side birthplaces of John and John
Quincy Adams. The area was a part of
neighboring Braintree until February 1792.1

There are no photographs from my first tour
of the birthplaces, which occurred in 2003.
These images were captured during a
subsequent visit to the homes in 2011. The
birthplace of John Quincy Adams is shown
above, and John Adams' is at the left.

* Thomas Jefferson Birthplace *

Thomas Jefferson's birthplace
 in Shadwell, Virginia burned down
 in 1770, but a roadside historical
marker denotes that the house
was located nearby.

* Martin Van Buren Birthplace *

Martin Van Buren was born in a house
attached to his father's tavern, but the
structure is no longer standing. A sign
in Van Buren's hometown of Kinderhook,
New York marks the site today.

* Zachary Taylor Birthplace *

A roadside historical marker stands
in Barboursville, Virginia to
acknowledge Montebello, the
plantation birthplace of President
Zachary Taylor.

* James A. Garfield Birthplace *

After a short walk into the woods of Moreland
Hills, Ohio, I reached a rock with a plaque
that marks the birthplace of James A. Garfield.
The last president born in a log cabin, his
life began at this spot on November 19, 1831.

The log cabin where Garfield was born no
longer exists, but a similar structure stands
not far from the actual birth spot.
* Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace *

28 E. 20th Street in Manhattan
was where Theodore Roosevelt
was born. The building, not
original, was closed when I first
tried to visit in May 2011.

I returned to Manhattan in August
2013 and was able to view the
inside, which included a display
of the shirt, glasses, and papers
damaged from the assassination
attempt on Roosevelt in 1912.

* Calvin Coolidge Birthplac*

On July 4, 1872, Calvin Coolidge was born
in this house in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. He
remains the only president to be born on
Independence Day.

This is the bedroom in which Victoria Coolidge
gave birth to the 30th president. My family and
I visited on August 9, 2007.
* Herbert Hoover Birthplac*

The Herbert Hoover National Historic Site,
adjacent to Hoover's presidential library,
includes buildings such as his small birth
cottage and his father's blacksmith shop.

A marker at the cottage notes that it was
constructed in 1871, three years before the
president's birth. The Hoover family moved
to a larger house in 1879.
* Franklin Roosevelt Birthplace *
Under Construction

* Dwight Eisenhower Birthplac*

Dwight Eisenhower was the first of two
presidents born in Texas, the other being
Lyndon B. Johnson. Despite their close
association with Texas in their adulthood,
George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush were
born in Massachusetts and Connecticut,

This is the home where Eisenhower was born
on October 14, 1890. It is located in Denison,
Texas, about 75 miles north of Dallas.
* John F. Kennedy Birthplac*

John F. Kennedy was born on the
second floor of this house on Beals
St. in Brookline, Massachusetts.

I have visited the home several
times, always on the anniversary
of Kennedy's birth. These photos
are from May 29, 2010, which
would have been the president's
93rd birthday.

* Lyndon B. Johnson Birthplace *

The Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical
Park is the location of the 36th president's
grave, his "Texas White House," and a
replica of the home he was born at in 1908.

In 1964, President Johnson hired
an Austin architect to reconstruct
his birthplace, which was torn
down in the 1940s.2
* Richard Nixon Birthplace *

This is a video still of Richard Nixon's
birthplace, which is on the grounds of his
presidential library in Yorba Linda,
California. The house was constructed in
1912 by Nixon's father, who built it from
a catalog. The president was born there
the following year. My visit was in 2008.

* Jimmy Carter Birthplace *

Plains, Georgia has many Jimmy
Carter-related sites, including
the former Wise Sanitarium,
where he was born in 1924.
Carter was the first U.S. president
born in a hospital.

The site of the 39th president's birth is now
a health and rehabilitation center named after
his mother, who trained there as a nurse.

* George H. W. Bush Birthplace *

On June 12, 1924, the 41st president was
born on the second floor of this home in
Milton, Massachusetts.

The home remains privately owned and
thus cannot be toured, but there is a
plaque at the street corner which notes
the building's significance.

                      * George W. Bush Birthplace *

George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946
at Grace-New Haven Hospital in New Haven,
Connecticut. At the time, his father, George
H. W. Bush, was a student at Yale University.

The hospital, which is still an active facility,
was subsequently renamed Yale-New Haven
Hospital. At the time of my visit on July 20,
2018, there was no marker that noted its
presidential connection.

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