Roger Sherman
Burial Location Visited Constitution Signer Grave #
New Haven, Connecticut July 7, 2011 13th Visited

Founding Father Roger Sherman
is interred at Grove Street Cemetery
in New Haven, Connecticut. He was
one of only six statesmen that signed
both the Declaration of Independence
and the U.S. Constitution.

My father and I were unable to locate Sherman's
grave when we first visited on New Year's Day
2011. These photos were taken when we
returned in July.

Sherman was the architect of the
Constitutional Convention's Great
Compromise. Congress would
consist of two bodies: the Senate,
where states received equal
representation, and the House,
where representation was
proportionate to state population. 

An inscription on the back of the newer stone
states that it was erected by 286 of Sherman's
descendants in 1941 "in order to preserve
the inscription on the original table ledger,"
which has become illegible over time.

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Spouse: Elizabeth Hartwell Sherman (m. 1749-1760)
              Rebekah Prescott Sherman (m. 1763-1793)

Last Words: Unknown

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