Rutherford Birchard Hayes
Burial Location Visited President Grave #
Fremont, Ohio  June 20, 2005 21st Visited

Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife,
known as "Lemonade Lucy", are
interred on the grounds of the
Hayes Presidential Center.

The granite for the couple's marker was
quarried from the Vermont home where
the president's father once lived, and it
was transported via train to Ohio.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* While many presidents served in the Civil War, Hayes was the only one to be wounded. During one battle, the colonel was shot badly in the arm. The surgeon tending to thought that the limb would have to be amputated, but in the end he managed to save his arm. The jacket he was wearing at the time is on display at his presidential library, bullet hole and all.

* During the 1876 election, Hayes lost the popular vote, but was saved by the Electoral Commission, who awarded twenty electoral votes to the trailing candidate. These votes were from the disputed states of Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina. Samuel Tilden, the Democratic candidate who only needed one electoral vote to win, was outraged. He had been leading Hayes by nineteen votes, and then lost 185 to 184. It is for this reason that the election of 1876 was, and still remains, one of the most controversial election in U.S. history.

* It was during Hayes' presidency that the Reconstruction era of the United States came to an end. This was the result of the Compromise of 1877, which was created because of the notorious election that had taken place the previous year. Because Hayes had won the presidency, he was to start the withdrawal of soldiers from the South. Hayes fulfilled his part of the deal, and the South was left in charge of its own fate. This move did not benefit the region's African American population, though, as they were unprotected from former slave owners who comprised the region.

* Hayes had several presidential firsts. He was the first president to use a telephone in the White House. Also, it was during the Hayes term that the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll was started. His wife,

Lucy, owned the first recorded Siamese cat in America.

* Although Rutherford B. Hayes is regarded by many as a "forgotten president", stories about his wife run rampant in the minds of many. The first lady, Lucy Webb Hayes, garnered frequent mention in the newspapers of the day because of her stand on temperance. During the Hayes administration, alcoholic beverages were only served on one occasion, this being a reception in honor of Grand Duke Alexis of Russia. After the event, the White House went on the wagon. Wine, brandy, and any other liquor you can think of were banned from the executive mansion. One day, the first lady caught the president sipping from a glass that contained a red beverage. Mrs. Hayes, fearing that it was alcohol, became extremely aggravated at her husband. He calmed her down soon enough, though, when he explained that he was just drinking lemonade with a crushed berry in it. The press caught wind of the incident, and the first lady became forever known as "Lemonade Lucy".

First Lady: Lucy Ware Webb Hayes

  - Spouse: Lucy Ware Webb Hayes (m. 1852-1889)

Political Party: Republican Party

Vice President: William Almon Wheeler

Last Words: "I know that I am going where Lucy is."

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