Nathan Clifford
Cause of Death Age Burial Location SCOTUS Justice Grave #
Stroke 77 Portland, Maine 27th in my collection

Nathan Clifford, who served in the House
of Representatives, in the Presidential
Cabinet, and on the Supreme Court, is
interred at Evergreen Cemetery in Portland,

After visiting Clifford's grave, I drove to
another part of the cemetery where
Thomas Brackett Reed is buried. Reed
was one of the most powerful speakers
of the House of Representatives.

Clifford joined the Supreme Court in 1858,
the lone justice appointed by President
James Buchanan. He is the only justice
whose home state was Maine.

Clifford was the second associate justice whose
grave I visited that day. Several hours earlier
I paid my respects at the final resting place
of Levi Woodbury in Portsmouth, New

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Spouse: Hannah Ayer Clifford (m. 1828-1881)

Political Party: Democratic Party

Last Words: Unknown



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