State Capitol Buildings
* Hartford, Connecticut *


To start off 2011, my father and I went to                                            Connecticut's capitol building is
visit some historic sites in Connecticut. The                                           constructed of marble and
state's capitol was our first stop.                                                          granite, taken from quarries in
                                                                                                     East Cannan, Connecticut and
                                                                                                     Westerly, Rhode Island.

* Indianapolis, Indiana *


Completed in 1888, this building serves as                               Corydon, Indiana was the state's very first
the state capitol of Indiana.                                                   capital. The structure that was used as its
                                                                                       first statehouse still stands.

* Des Moines, Iowa *


The snow-covered state capitol of Iowa. A                               Inside the capitol is a large model of the
group of pioneer statues stand in front, gazing                         USS Iowa. The actual ship was sponsored
out toward downtown Des Moines.                                         by Ilo Wallace, the wife of Vice President
                                                                                       Henry Wallace. Both were from Iowa.

Topeka, Kansas 


By the time we reached the state capitol in                                            We returned the next day and
Topeka, it was dusk.                                                                         ventured inside. Here I am with
                                                                                                    a statue of Kansas native Amelia

* Frankfort, Kentucky *


Kentucky's state capitol, as seen from the                                   Architect Frank M. Andrews designed the
grave of pioneer Daniel Boone.                                                  structure. It was built in 1905.

* Augusta, Maine *


Before heading up to see Hannibal Hamlin's                                The rear of the capitol. Across the street
final resting place, we stopped in Augusta to                               from the building is the Blaine House,
visit Maine's state capitol.                                                          where the state's governor resides.

* Boston, Massachusetts *


Across from the Boston Common is the Bay                                           A statue of John Kennedy on the
State's capitol. The entrance is flanked by                                              grounds of the capitol. Kennedy
sculptures of education reformer Horace                                                represented Massachusetts in
Mann and Senator Daniel Webster. I am the                                           both houses of Congress before
very tiny figure at the front gate.                                                          he ascended to the presidency.

Lansing, Michigan *


"Michigan's present state capitol                                                         A photo of the structure's dome.
building was first dedicated in
1879 at the inaugural ceremony
of Governor Charles M. Croswell,"
says this sign, located on its

* Concord, New Hampshire *


That tiny figure in this photograph                                                        Built by Stuart J. Park, this is
is me standing underneath a giant                                                         the oldest state house "in which
arch at New Hampshire's state                                                              a legislature meets in its original
house in Concord.                                                                              chambers."

* Trenton, New Jersey *


New Jersey's state house resides in Trenton.                                           Outside the New Jersey State
                                                                                                      House. We were in a rush to
                                                                                                      visit as many historic sites as
                                                                                                      possible that day, so we did not
                                                                                                      go inside.

Albany, New York *


New York's capitol building was undergoing                                 Not having time to venture inside the
construction when I visited in spring 2010.                                  building, I was satisfied with getting
                                                                                          photos of the exterior alone.

* Columbus, Ohio *


If you can make out the details of this photo,                           One of the historical markers that surround
you will see that I am standing outside the                               the building.
Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio.

* Harrisburg, Pennsylvania *


When I visited the Pennsylvania                                                Its beautiful interior, however, looked
State Capitol in April of 2010, the                                              pristine. This photo is of the dome.
building's exterior was undergoing
some construction.

Providence, Rhode Island *


My family and I had the privilege                                           Here I am inside the state house, in a room
to take a tour inside the Rhode                                              that resembles a courtroom.
Island State House in Providence
in 2003.

* Nashville, Tennessee *


Just a few dozen yards away from                                                         In addition to President Polk's
President James Polk's grave is the                                                        grave, Tennessee's state capitol
Tennessee State Capitol.                                                                      has memorials to the state's
two presidents on the
Andrew Jackson's
                                                                                                      statue is shown 

* Austin, Texas *


Texas' state capitol is 308 feet                                                             George W. Bush, who served as
in height, making it taller than the                                                        
Texas' governor from 1995 to
U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.                                                           2000, has been honored by
                                                                                                     having his portrait hung in the
                                                                                                     rotunda of the state house.

Montpelier, Vermont *


This beautiful building is Vermont's state                                               A statue of Ethan Allen, a hero
capitol, located in the city of Montpelier.                                                in the Revolutionary War and a
                                                                                                     resident of Vermont.

* Madison, Wisconsin *


Col. Hans Christian Heg, leader of the 15th                                             The capitol building is the tallest
Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment during the                                               structure in the entire city. The
Civil War, has been immortalized with a statue                                         statue at its top was made by
outside the capitol in Madison.                                                             Daniel Chester French, noted for
                                                                                                      sculpting Abraham Lincoln for
                                                                                                      his memorial in Washington,
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