Thomas Andrews Hendricks
Burial Location Visited Vice President Grave #
Indianapolis, Indiana August 20, 2004 6th Visited


Thomas Andrews Hendricks is not                                              Hendricks died in his sleep in Indianapolis
the only vice president buried in                                                 on November 25, 1885. He was vice
Crown Hill Cemetery. Vice Presidents                                          president for less than a year.
Fairbanks and Marshall reside there
as well.

Hendricks was the fifth vice president to die
in office.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* Originally, Hendricks was from Ohio. However, his uncle, William Hendricks, persuaded the family to move to Indiana, which had only been a state for four years. Despite the fact that Indiana’s only two banks had crashed in 1819, he promised that the family would live prosperously. He spoke the truth.

* Hendricks studied law at Hanover College, and he was admitted to the bar in 1843. 

* In 1848, Hendricks served as the speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives.

* Like his Uncle William, Thomas Hendricks served as the governor of Indiana.

* Thomas Hendricks was often in poor health. In November of 1885, Hendricks was traveling to his home state of Indiana when he said he felt ill. He went to bed early, and died in his sleep during the course of the night. He had sent for his wife beforehand, but she never received the message to come upstairs.

Second Lady: Eliza Morgan Hendricks

      - Spouse: Eliza Morgan Hendricks (1823-1903)

Political Party:
Democratic Party

Served Under:
Stephen Grover Cleveland (1885)

Last Words:
 "I am free at last. Send for Eliza."

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