Thomas Brackett Reed
Burial Location Visited Speaker Grave #
Portland, Maine
November 14, 2015 9th Visited

Buried in Section R of Portland,
Maine's Evergreen Cemetery is
Thomas Brackett Reed, one of
the most powerful speakers of
the House of Representatives.

Credit for the last two pictures
on this page go to my friend
Angelo, who accompanied me
on this 350-plus mile round-trip
journey. Reed was an unexpected
addition to the day's itinerary.

Reed was the second House
speaker from Maine, with the
first being James G. Blaine.

I was at Evergreen Cemetery to pay my
respects at the grave of Associate Justice
Nathan Clifford, but when I learned Reed
was buried there too I decided it would be
foolish not to visit. Afterward, I decided to
officially visit burial sites of speakers of
the House of Representatives.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

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Spouse: Susan P. Jones Reed (m. 1870-1902)

Political Party: Republican Party

Last Words: Unknown

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