Thomas Mifflin

Burial Location Visited Constitution Signer Grave #
Lancaster, Pennsylvania April 22, 2010 5th Visited


Thomas Mifflin, a signer of the Constitution,                                This marble slab marks the location of
is interred on the grounds of Lancaster's Holy                              Mifflin's body.
Lutheran Church. Mifflin is fortunate that he
was not buried in the church's cemetery, for
if he were he would have suffered the indignity
of getting paved over for a parking lot.


Mifflin is interred not too far from Thomas                                 A marker located below Mifflin's original
Wharton, a politician that served as the first                              one. This plaque was placed at his grave in
president of Pennsylvania following the                                      1987.
adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* In 1774, Mifflin was elected to the Continental Congress. The following year he left in order to join the army. Originally appointed a major, Mifflin rose through the ranks until he became a major general.

* During the American Revolution, Thomas Mifflin served as George Washington's aide-de-camp (personal assistant) and then the quartermaster general.

* Thomas Mifflin was also a member of the Congressional Board of War.

* Mifflin served as the seventh and final president of Pennsylvania. After that position was abolished in 1790, he became the state's first governor. He held that position from 1790 to 1799.

* When Thomas Mifflin passed away in 1800, he did not have enough money to finance his funeral. His estate was too small to pay the bill, so the state of Pennsylvania covered its cost.

Spouse: Sarah Morris Mifflin (1747-1790)

Political Party:
Federalist Party
                         Democratic-Republican Party

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