Garret Augustus Hobart

Burial Location Visited Vice President Grave #
Paterson, New Jersey April 23, 2010 24th Visited


This enormous tomb is located in Paterson,                               When we arrived at Cedar Lawn Cemetery,
New Jersey and belongs to Garret Hobart,                                  an employee was closing up shop, and
the 24th vice president of the United States.                              said that she could not let us in under any
                                                                                             circumstances. However, we were able to
                                                                                             convince her to lock us in the cemetery,
                                                                                             with us having to find a way out ourselves.


And so, we scoured the locked                                                                 Hobart's death in 1899, without 
cemetery until we came upon the                                                              a doubt, greatly influenced the
vice president's rather large crypt.                                                             country, as it allowed Teddy 
That was fairly easy, but finding a                                                             Roosevelt to step in for him,  
way over the cemetery's barbed                                                                and led to his eventual 
wire fence was not.                                                                                  ascension to the presidency.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* As was the case with most politicians of the time, Hobart began his career as a lawyer.

* Until he became vice president in 1897, Hobart's position in the government was as a member of New Jersey's State Senate. For a brief period of time, Hobart was the president of the Senate.

* Hobart was not the Republican Party's first choice for William McKinley's running mate in 1896. Originally, they had wanted Thomas Reed to accompany the Ohioan on the ticket. Reed, the speaker of the House of Representatives, would rather have been nominated for the presidency than the vice presidency, so he turned down the offer. This opened up the door for Garret Hobart, who had been a member of the Republican National Committee for many years. Hobart not only won the nomination, but ended up winning the vice presidency that November.

* During his first term as president, William McKinley often consulted Hobart on important affairs. The two were also became good friends and often had lunch together. Such a relationship between a president and his vice president was a rarety, especially in the 19th century.

* In 1899, Hobart took ill in Washington. He thought that a trip home would do him well, but his health actually declined further. On November 21st, he passed away as a result of heart failure.

Second Lady: Jennie Tuttle Hobart
      - Spouse: Jennie Tuttle Hobart (1849-1941)

Political Party: Republican Party

Served Under:
William McKinley (1897-1899)

Last Words:

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