John Nance Garner
Burial Location Visited Vice President Grave #
Uvalde, Texas April 20, 2012 36th Visited

Franklin Roosevelt had three vice presidents
serve under him during his time in office.
The first, John Nance Garner, is buried in
Uvalde, Texas.

Garner had the longest lifespan of all the
vice presidents, dying two weeks short of
his 99th birthday.

Vice President Garner's nickname was
"Cactus Jack", which he was called because
of his "unique western individualism". He
was the first vice president from Texas.

Garner's nearby home is now a museum,
but it was closed for renovations when my
father and I visited Uvalde in April of 2012.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

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Second Lady: Mariette Rheiner Garner

      - Spouse: Mariette Rheiner Garner (m. 1895-1948)

Political Party: Democratic Party

Served Under: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1941)

Last Words: Unknown

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