Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr.
Cause of Death Age Burial Location Visit Done
Cerebrovascular disease 92 Kansas City, Missouri N/A

                                               The front entrance to Kansas City, Missouri's
                                               Mount Moriah Cemetery, where journalist
                                               Walter Cronkite is buried.

In all actuality, I did not visit the grave of CBS broadcaster Walter Cronkite.
After he passed away in July of 2009, I learned that he was going to be buried in

Missouri. My father and I had already made arrangments to go to Missouri the
following month to see President Harry Truman's grave, so I added Walter
Cronkite to our itinerary.

A few short weeks later my father and I had embarked on our trip. On the
second day we spent the morning at the Eisenhower Presidential Center and
then returned to the Kansas State Capitol so I could take some better pictures.
Before the day was over I wanted to try to see the graves of Satchel Paige and
Cronkite, both located in Kansas City, so we then headed East. After visiting
Paige's marker we drove to Mount Moriah Cemetery, which listed
as Cronkite's final resting place. When we finally arrived it was 7:00 p.m., which
was past the listed closing time.
My father drove the rental car up to the main
office, where 
two employees were walking in the door. When we asked one of the
men where we could find Cronkite's grave, he told us that we couldn't visit it. He
wasn't buried there!

    The employee went on to explain that Cronkite's body had been cremated and
that its remains were still in New York awaiting their transfer to Kansas City. This
was completely unexpected and somewhat disappointing, but I'm still glad that
we went to Mount Moriah because we had a nice conversation with the man who
worked there. After talking for fifteen minutes or so we gave him the URL to my
website, said our goodbyes, and left for our hotel.

So Walter Cronkite was not buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery at the time of
our visit; we 
actually beat him to his own grave! Another first, ladies and
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