William Floyd

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Westernville, New York April 17, 2010 13th Visited


On our way to Gerald Ford's grave in Michigan,                            Floyd's grave in comparison to the
we stopped in Westernville, New York, where                              Westernville Presbyterian Church, which is
William Floyd is buried.                                                              located on Stokes-Westernville Road.


The grave is actually taller than I pictured                                  One of the 56 signers of the Declaration of
it to be.                                                                                   Independence, Floyd was "an ardent
                                                                                              supporter of his country's rights."

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* According to his grave marker, Floyd was born on Long Island. Specifically, he was born on December 17, 1734 in Brookhaven, New York. Though his family was wealthy, Floyd's education did not reflect it, as it was very limited.

* Right when trouble arose between Great Britain and the colonies, William Floyd chose to support the rebellious faction. He was elected to the First Continental Congress in 1774, and served there until 1776, the same year he signed the Declaration of Independence. Floyd also served in the army as a major general. He again served in the Continental Congress from 1779 to 1783.

* William Floyd also was a member of the New York State Legislature, beginning his tenure as a state senator in 1777.

* In 1789, Floyd was elected to the newly created U.S. House of Representatives. Representing the state of New York, he served one term, leaving office in 1791. He ran for the position of lieutenant governor of New York several years later, but was not elected.

* Despite the fact that his grave says that he was 87 years old, Floyd passed away on August 4, 1821 at the age of 86. He is interred in Westernville, New York with both of his wives.

Spouse: Hannah Jones Floyd (1740-1781)
              Joanna Strong Floyd (1747-1826)

Political Party:
Anti-Administration Party

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