William Rufus DeVane King
Burial Location Visited Vice President Grave #
Selma, Alabama June 10, 2013 38th Visited

Surrounded by weeping willow trees is the
final resting place of the 13th vice president,
William Rufus DeVane King.

In addition to King's grave, I visited the
burial sites of two other vice presidents on
this trip: Alben Barkley and George Dallas.

William King was the third of seven vice
presidents who died in office. He succumbed
to tuberculosis just weeks after his term

Vice President King is not interred
inside the mausoleum, but is
actually buried beneath it.

*** Interesting Facts ***

* Under construction

* Under construction

* Under construction

Second Lady: None

      - Spouse: None

Political Party: Democratic Party

Served Under: Franklin Pierce (1853)

Last Words: Unknown

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