William Hubbs Rehnquist
Burial Location Visited SCOTUS Grave #
Arlington, Virginia June 6, 2015 11th Visited

William Rehnquist served on the
U.S. Supreme Court for 33 years,
with 19 of those years in the
capacity of chief justice. Upon his
death in 2005, he was buried
among many of his colleagues in
Arlington National Cemetery.

I took these pictures of his grave in
2015, but I do not have my photo
with the stone. When my father and
I were at the cemetery previously
in 2011, we were yelled at for
being on the grass in that section.
I was alone at Arlington in 2015
and I did not want to ask a stranger
to take my picture and get them
reprimanded too, so my picture will
have to wait until a future visit.

*** Interesting Facts ***

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* Under Construction

Spouse: Natalie Cornell Rehnquist (m. 1953-1991)

Political Party: Republican Party

Last Words: Unknown



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