William Whipple

Burial Location Visited DoI Signer Grave #
Portsmouth, New Hampshire July 1, 2010 22nd Visited


North Cemetery, where patriot                                                                                            Whipple's body lies at the
William Whipple has rested since                                                                                        center of the graveyard. John
his passing in 1785.                                                                                                                  Langdon, a Constitution signer,
                                                                                                             is buried in its outskirts.


William Whipple's grave. He was one of three                                                               This slab was placed on top of
signatories of the Declaration of Independence                                                            Whipple's grave on October 10,
from New Hampshire. I visited each of their                                                                  1976. My guess is that the prior
tombs on this trip.                                                                                                                     one was no longer legible.

                                       *** Interesting Facts ***

* Born in 1730, William Whipple did not receive an extraordinary education. Taught at a small school in Kittery, Maine, he became a sailor upon his departure from that establishment. Involved in the Triangular trade, he sailed to many ports across the world, and could frequently be found in the West Indies. After he had amassed a reasonably large fortune, he retired from his life on the high seas. He settled in the town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and there he established himself as a merchant.

* Having garnered the respect of those around him, Whipple was elected to the Provincial Congress in 1775. The following year, he made it to the Continental Congress. As a member of this body, he signed the Declaration of Independence, which solidified the colonies' separation from Great Britain.

* Whipple was one of several signatories of the Declaration that were members of the Continental Army. A brigadier general, Whipple took part in several different military campaigns during the war, and played a role in the Battle of Rhode Island (which was a strategical victory for Great Britain).

* While he got acclaim for being a member of Congress from 1776 to 1779, Whipple is known to have been a member of New Hampshire's general assembly, in addition to being an associate justice on the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

* Unfortunately, Whipple suffered from some sort of of heart condition, which greatly weakened his stamina. Often times, the patriot was so exhausted that he would faint. At one point, whilst he was mounted on his horse, Whipple fell off and injured himself. His health rapidly declining, he died at his home in Portsmouth in 1785.

Spouse: Catherine Moffat Whipple (1753-1823)

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